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The Braid is a platform for all alumni of Maastricht Institute of Arts from 1823 until the future.

Maastricht Institute of Arts is the educational institute of the arts in the south of the Netherlands and abroad. Since 1823, it has been committed to providing access to various courses in the arts and visual arts to a broad, diverse, and mixed population of students from the Netherlands and abroad. The Institute values the development of authorship, focusing on creation, concept development, and the continuous process of exploration and reflection.

It offers a wide and dynamic curriculum that gives students the freedom to explore, takes account of changes in society and professional practice, and connects the programmes with recognizable Bachelor and Master graduate profiles to disciplines and hybrid forms:

Bachelors in Communication and Multimedia Design, Design | Architecture and Interior Design, Design | Design, Design | Visual Communication, Fine Art and Design in Education, Fine Arts, Interdisciplinary Arts

Masters in Architecture, Interior Architecture, Fine Art and Design, Scientific Illustration


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Maastricht Institute of Arts