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After the Stadsteekenschool was abolished in 1866 and Alexander Schaepkens dismissed as its director, drawing lessons were taught at the Burgeravondschool(citizens’ evening school).

In 1863, Thorbecke’s Law was introduced for secondary education. This law ushered in a new type of school, the Hogere Burgerschool (high school for citizens, HBS), where the extensive range of subjects on offer included drawing. One year later, the Municipal HBS was founded in Maastricht (1864-1960), supplemented three years after that with a Burgeravondschool (1867-1921). Whereas the HBS was aimed at young middle-class students, the Burgeravondschool was attended by young working class students who, after a long working day, went to learn skills including drawing in the evening.

Maastricht Institute of Arts