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1898 foundation of Stadsteekeninstituut

In 1898, Maastricht-born painter Henri Goovaerts was in Hamburg, where made a good living from portrait commissions. In Maastricht, Goovaerts had been famous since winning the Prix de Rome in Amsterdam in 1890; he had large studios in several locations, including the former Grauwzustersklooster (Convent of the Grey Sisters) in Maastricht, which is now part of the Natural History Museum. The Teekeninstituut (drawing institute) that was just founded by Victor de Stuers saw him as ideal tutor material.

Board chairman Laurent Polis wrote to Goovaerts to enquire whether he might be interested in teaching painting. Not long afterwards, Polis received a response in German (along with a Dutch copy), in which Goovaerts politely thanked him for the honour, but said that the annual salary of 750 guilders did not compare with the income he earned as a portrait painter.

Maastricht Institute of Arts