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Bachelor Fine Arts


Anneke Haane

Van observatie naar beeld; de kracht van de toe-eigening

From observation to image;
the power of appropriation

I observe my surroundings. I look at wall sockets, pipes, windowsills, grooves in the floor and spots on the wall. A wall socket becomes a plane that takes on a specific shape. A pipe becomes a line; a round line, that protrudes from the wall. Grooves in the floor become lines. Spots on the wall become shapes. This is how these shapes, planes, and lines appear to me. And this is how these shapes, planes, and lines each occupy their own position of their own in the space.

An urge is born to allow the various elements to speak. I look for balance and tension to give shape to a composition. How can I make that spot on the wall stand out more prominently? What can I do to ensure that a spot is in the correct position? I look, respond, move, and remove until the spot begins to speak and occupies the right position in the space. That is composition. An image is formed, which takes on a certain relationship with the space it is in, but in which the space is also the image at the same time.

I use observation as a research method. The actions, the response to the observation comprise the actual work. Looking serves as a method for attentive interaction with my surroundings. I see my visual art as a form of looking at tension and balance between the elements and the position they take up in this space. My visual art does not make a story visible, but an observation of the space and my response to this.