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Bachelor Fine Arts


Felies Kutlu


To me, art is the ability to see something of beauty in everything, and I have discovered that this beauty is always special. It’s something that deviates from what is considered ‘normal’; that also piques my curiosity. And if, in my opinion, there is something that art should do, it is to stimulate and challenge you. However, it is also a bit about recognition, being able to identify with the material and finding a reference point.

I have already said that film shows the truth, but I am now starting to think differently about this. As a creator, you determine what and when something is visible to the viewer. Of course, it is up to the viewers to make associations with what they know, or – on the other hand –be surprised by what they don’t know. However, the creator certainly has a controlling influence on this. Individual truths are created in the fragment being displayed through the manipulation of the creator.

Now, more than ever, we are discovering that it has become easier than ever before to put things online, and we are seeing more and more that what interests people most is the things we are first presented with and which are most prominently visible. The highest quality, the most famous people who contribute to it – everything is presented on a large scale in order to be seen by a broad public and grasp their attention. You feel attracted by what is being seductively presented. What we see, we want. We want to be able to identify with what we see. So, we are all looking at the same thing, we all want the same thing, and we do things for the same reason.

Looking at myself as a creator, what do I want? To give the world a glimpse into my sister's world? I would rather look at her. I want to look at her and listen to her and, in doing so, understand her better. I will never know exactly why she does things, but I do see that she tries to clarify things. However, I can only show people what I see from my own perspective, as her sister.

When I look at her, I don’t think she appears to be attracted by this great and interesting spectacle, because she is simply unable to understand its value. All I can do is look at her and make associations with what she does, regardless of how strange or alien they appear to me. Like when she makes a loud noise when eating, making every meal seem like a battle because she makes such a racket and appears to be very angry. Or when she spends hours sitting on the sofa and appears to be almost in a trance, running her hands through her hair. She repeats this motion constantly and stares out into space as if she is not here. It seems to produce a calming effect on her, but why she does this, I don’t know. I can only identify with this when I realize that if somebody were to stroke my hair, it would also make me feel calm. I can understand that this has become a habit and that, when you are sitting at a table or on the sofa, it is just something you always do. Just like it has become a habit to me to start every day with a cup of coffee.

I understand that you, my sister, have started to make connections on account of your life experience and good memory. Like when you make animal noises when you see small children. Pets are often small and you can’t really look them in the eye; they make a lot of noise, and they are just as active as children. You say ‘pet, pet’ as if you want to cuddle them and play with them. Of course, this is just a guess on my part, but I can understand it.

‘To read a room’ is not something you are capable of. I know that you cannot read and understand the emotions and thoughts of other people. Only recently, when we received some sad news and everyone was clearly upset, you started to laugh and hum songs. You had no understanding what had been said, and how this affected us. You are cheerful at that moment and want others to be cheerful too, even if this is not the best time. I understand that you live in a bubble; you don’t let other people make you sad or happy.

All of this makes you so special to me, and I would like to show this to other people. These little fragile things that you show to others are precisely what I want to magnify and make more visible.