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Bachelor Visual Communication


Selina Coorens

Stap in de wereld van Vrijwillig Wereldwijd.

To maximize the positive impact that Vrijwillig Wereldwijd (Voluntary Worldwide) can have on the world, a world has been created around Vrijwillig Wereldwijd. In this world, the organization, volunteers and other stakeholders share the same values ​​and goals and create a sense of community. The new visual identity of Vrijwillig Wereldwijd, where corporate identity, communication and desired behavior are coordinated, promotes a strong community with a clear message that is clear and recognizable for everyone. The various interactive media expressions that have been developed for this purpose form a platform for interaction between and involvement of all parties.

This graduation project serves as a template for Vrijwillig Wereldwijd that they can apply in future communications.

In recent years, international volunteering has become very popular, the combination of travel and volunteering attracts many people. This is a good development for more people to be aware of the inequalities in the world and for us to help each other. This popularity has created many volunteer organizations and companies. Which makes it difficult for the volunteer to choose from the wide range of projects and organizations. In addition, the voluntary work is commercialized. This places the emphasis less on the actual purpose of volunteering.

Vrijwillig Wereldwijd is an organization that works for volunteers abroad. They offer volunteer work, internships and trips for young and old. They have a wide and diverse range of projects, allowing people from different fields to participate. With these volunteer projects, the local population can be helped with new skills and knowledge and volunteers learn how to actually provide help that makes a structural difference. Vrijwillig Wereldwijd deliberately does not use external financing and is therefore completely dependent on the self-reliance of the projects with the help of volunteers.

Vrijwillig Wereldwijd wants to better position and profile the organization with my help, so that previous, current and future volunteers want to build a lasting relationship with Vrijwillig Wereldwijd. With a greater amount of volunteers, the projects can be more successful, bringing the organization closer to their vision and mission to make a positive impact on the world. Sufficient volunteers are also important for the continuity of Vrijwillig Wereldwijd and therefore partly for their projects.

The branding and communication adjustments have been translated into 7 basic expressions that can serve as a template for other future expressions. This total concept also implements the design of the desired Vrijwillig Wereldwijd community based on common standards, values ​​and principles for all stakeholders.

Due to the situation surrounding COVID-19, a number of parts of the project have not yet been carried out, these will be completed in the coming months if the possibilities are available. The planned trips to the projects are the most important part of this.

This graduation project was carried out on behalf of Vrijwillig Wereldwijd. In the period from February to June 2020.

I would like to thank Voluntarily Worldwide for this project and the pleasant cooperation, especially Daan Ragbourn. This project will be followed up in the coming months in terms of both elaboration and interpretation of the project trips that were not carried out due to COVID-19.

Thanks also to the teachers of Zuyd Hogeschool, Visual Communication: Paul Maas, Theo Ploeg, Roy Hoet and external Carry Timmermans for their good guidance.

Finally, thanks to the large number of volunteers who participated in the survey.