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Bachelor Fine Arts


Quinny Schreurs


In her work Quinn Zeljak (1998) is influenced by her experiences with dissociation. The connection, but more specifically the disconnect between mind, body and world fascinate her. Through her work she asks herself questions. Am I my body? Where does my mind live? Where does my body go when I’m so deep in thought that I’m no longer aware of my surroundings? And, most importantly, what do I bring back once I’ve been there?

She explores a series of visual interests in order to better understand her fascination with them. Different topics end up next to each other in her workspace and influence each other that way. She continues this process when it’s time to present her work. She takes the audience into her wunderkammer en presents her personal collection, made in an effort to better understand the world around her. Instead of focussing on individual pieces she shows a web of connections between different works. She plays with broken associations to give a glimpse of a different world.

You can find more of her work on instagram @quinnzeljak and on