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Bachelor Fine Arts


Lukas Malzan


Installation - Untitled, Lukas Malzan
Installation - Untitled, Lukas Malzan

Lukas Malzan is an abstract object- and installation-artist, painter, and multimedia-designer. His choice of material and technique evokes an urban and contemporary energy.
His work manifests a constant striving. A striving which destination is determined by ever new circumstances. He ambitiously tries to create a Moment of synergy between his art and the changing reality around it. Entering a different state of mind. An interplay of connection and disconnection. Inspiration as the highest form of ecstasy. Art as the force behind every motion. Philosophy in its most practical form.

{"A small house in the back area of the terrain caught my attention. I had already seen it from a distance, and its appearance resonated in a weird but strangely familiar state of mind. There was something about this – the cheap uncovered concrete bricks, the flat roof that closed off the building like a black lid. The pink industrial window frames. Images of day-care centres and research facilities – all kinds of quickly built post-war facilities that share this banal flair flashed up before my mind’s eye – yet it looked pleasing – yet exciting! Especially for someone who disrespects the boundaries of public property in the ways that I do.
But what would it ask me to do? Paint on it? To leave my own image so that it would become part of the composition? Create and place an object so that it would actually become a part of this habitat? Or something more obvious, like working there as a bird researcher? Or just doing something that the place was not intended for, to show it its own potential?
[...] what is it that makes the space so relevant? That makes me want to connect myself to that energy – that aesthetic flair? Is it enough to look at it as an inspiration – an entity that I got to meet in these unexpected circumstances, that in any way, that I relate myself to it, will thank me by sharing a bit of its soul?"

-The Endless Trail (Overgangszone 2020), by Lukas Malzan}

My graduation-text deals with the search for connection and the driving force behind art as well as life in general.
The first connection is established by introducing my text with a quote of myself from an earlier publication (see above).
This quote gives a good idea of what questions I am dealing with in the following.
The text consists out of three parts: the introductory quote, a part about connection, and a part about disconnection. Two sides of the same coin.

{It is an inter play of connection and disconnection. It always is. Someone might say 'an artist is disconnected from reality' and that he is 'lost in his fantasies' — yet you could reply that 'who assumes so might be disconnected from the reality of the artist — disconnected from what gives meaning to the structure he calls "reality" '.}