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Bachelor Design


Veerle van Esser

18.11.2019 . 10.05.2020

About the Spheres

My mood is reflected in the spheres.

From fast, young spheres to life-sized spheres with a past. Their shape, size, and significance are things that grow and move along with me.

I started out making the spheres from porcelain. They were small and very fragile. To me, they represented the onset of a difficult time in my life.

The second time I made spheres, they allowed me to experience a certain sense of calm, helping me to get in touch with my inner self. The spheres were larger and became even bigger: they were sturdy and rugged. A core was concealed in each sphere that could only be discerned when it was picked up.

As from the third time I created spheres, the work transcended the healing effect it produced on me. Through my work, I want to tell people about my quest. When I succeed in being in touch with my inner self, and when I am unable to do this.
Because the work is big, it takes me a reasonable amount of time to finish a sphere. During this time, things happen that have an impact on my perception of the world around me and my perspective on my work.

My life is etched into this work just like the annual rings of a tree tell you all about its growth process.

About the faces

Each one is different, yet they are also the same.

From the moment I started making them I had the feeling that this was a gift that was executed through my hands. This gift was the first sign telling me that the storm that was my life at that time was starting to subside.

The faces played an important part on my life. Now that I no longer need the reassurance and the feeling of not being alone that making them brought me as frequently as before, I want to put the faces on display. To show people what they meant to me.

They can now be given a new meaning for other people.

What is the significance of emotions and the way they are woven into the arts? What is my relationship with my work? In this study you will read about the relationship between a work of art and its creator. The study consists of an explanation of the works, as well as some background information, the origin of the work. The emotion, that which triggers the conception of the work, and the relationship between the creator and the object can be just as important as the work itself. This study will offer an in-depth explanation of this. The work itself will also provide an answer to the questions. Various aspects about the objects are clarified during the creative process. Fragments from diaries illustrate the thoughts and problems that the creator was grappling with at the time and shed light on the way in which she perceives the world around her.
For centuries, art has served as an extension of our emotions. It can help both the artist and the person looking at a work of art to process these emotions. By creating multiple copies of the same work, an artist does not need to think about what to create. Because she knows exactly what to do, each work is different. Her subconscious, her intuition takes over. To the maker, the work feels like coming home. Thoughts and emotions are felt and internalized through the creative process, which is something that she becomes conscious of – again and again – while creating her works of art.