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Bachelor Fine Art and Design in Education


Isabelle Woudsma

Changing Light – Colors of the universe

The elusiveness of the immeasurable, the ever changing universe intrigues me;as an artist, a photographer and as a human being. The universe and dynamics are often my source of inspiration. As a photographer, I have focused myself now to make abstract and autonomous paintings. I love to paint and I wanted to distance myself from my figurative way of thinking, to get some more experience in abstract painting. Trying to find my own way in this medium.
I looked for physiological and artistic photos and videos about the universe, and about artworks which already have been made; Like Jason Pollock. Keeping this in mind, I started to paint with acrylic paint and with some different kind of materials. First, I made equal backgrounds by merging different colors. On the top of that, I made some colorful round overlapping objects with a round sponge. This is how the first depth in the image occurred and it began to appear like my self-interpreted version of the universe with planets. However, at this stage it missed a certain depth in the images, as well in the picture as in the background story. On the search for more layers and excitement I began to experiment with other painting technics, so a variation began to form with a different kind of effect of depth in the painting. I stopped with the figuration of the round objects and didn't think about a certain composition, I let myself be led by my unconsciousness, and used surrealistic ideas by mixing random colors or technics.

By overlaying different paintings on top of each other, and by placing a light behind these paintings, every picture became unique with their colorful light effects. I made a lot of combinations and then photographed them. This end result: a combination of photography and abstract light paintings, can be seen for yourself in this series.

The combination I made with these abstract paintings; light and photography, gives a lot of unknown, different opportunities to create new images. If you focus at the details, you continuously discover other compositions: like a new universe within a universe. I photographed specific details of the paintings and I enhanced them digitally. That's how this vivid effect occurred with the colors and the lines. By applying direct light, underneath different layered paintings, you can see through all separated layers and you can see how they have been built up. It suggests depth, dynamics and vividness in the artwork. The light shines through layers that weren't visible before.
By adjusting a bright (LED)lamp behind the paintings, you get a sort of luminous painting. This is how my end result has become a series with luminous, layered paintings which show my personal approach to the universe. The images aren't directly recognizable, but will be to those who are open to it.