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Bachelor Visual Communication


Sanne Berghuis


vegan. day by day. step by step
vegan. day by day. step by step

vegan. day by day. step by step.

This has been my graduation project for the 2019-2020 class of Maastricht Academy of Media Design and Technology. It’s the project I am most proud of.

I did research on how I could raise awareness among consumers about factory farming and the impact. My conclusion was to help consumers make different food choices, based on their status-quo and at their own pace. From the concept to the design and to the prototyping, this is what I created:

FOODFEED is an all-round app platform, where it is made easy for consumers to develop a vegan diet. Everything is designed from the consumer's status-quo. For example, consumers still have the opportunity to consume their old familiar products, but they are gaining more and more knowledge when using FOODFEED. With regard to cooking, but also with information about the meat, dairy, and egg industry. As consumers receive and process all information at their own pace, they will become more aware of all the abuse that is happening in the industry every day, and they will increasingly make vegan choices in the long run. Consumers will realize that their values and behavior are out of alignment, and so they will change their behavior. The app includes recipes (both vegan and carnistic versions), facts about ingredients, and the industry to inform the user, a community/forum, and an easy-to-use shopping list and scanner. The concept behind the scanner is to make it easy and clear for consumers to scan an animal product in the supermarket and to see which specific vegan substitutes are available in that supermarket.

To advertise this new product/service I also created an advertisement campaign. The focus is always on the consumer. It’s always about him/her. First I trigger them through a poster series, by showing them why other people are eating vegan or are trying it. For example: “I also don’t eat my dog” or “I don’t get hungry from animal suffering”. I then ask them what their reason is. The consumer will then scan the QR, which will lead to a short animation explaining everything about the FOODFEED app.