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Bachelor Fine Arts


Christy Westhovens

De fluïde mens

The Human Synthesizer (2020)/Interactive installation
The Human Synthesizer (2020)/Interactive installation

There is tremendous beauty in the imperceptible, the unconscious, and the conventional. I am fascinated by the natural phenomena that defy our perceivable reality. Where are organic body – with its senses developed by evolution – places restrictions on our perception of reality, the technology we develop serves as an intermediary.

Human Synthesizer (2020)/Interactive installation Human Synthesizer is an interactive installation that makes it possible to enter and explore a space with an alternative sense. By moving through a space and interacting with objects and other persons, changes occur in the body’s electrical field. This data is transformed into a soundscape. Because these changes can now be heard, the sound can be controlled using the body. This way, visitors can experience this space by means of a natural phenomenon that usually takes place beyond the spectrum of our senses. This exploration means compositions in sound can be created by individuals as well as small groups. Media:/raspberry pi/capacitive sensors/electrodes/sound installation/
Circadian Algorhythm (2020)/Light installation The rhythm of this particular body. Circadian Algorhythm has its origins in a study into the perception of corporality in a time of increasing objectivism of the body in data collection systems. The spaces in this building are filled with sources of light that are directly controlled by data generated by the artist’s own body. Every parameter is represented in its own source of light. The condition of the body, for example, is displayed in a poetic reflection of light. Media:/rough data smartwatch/arduinos/relais boards/smart lighting/
Cultural Isolation (2020)/Exhibition Space B32/Interactive installation The work Cultural Isolation originated from a study into the necessity of having viewers in the exhibition space. The corona pandemic temporarily made it impossible to visit exhibitions. The exhibition spaces – and with them the works on exhibit – had become desolate places. This installation embodies the longing for this interaction. The appearance of a passer-by initiates a series of occurrences that prepare the space for a possible visit. The lights come on, the receipt is printed, but unfortunately the exhibition space is empty, and this visit will not take place. Once this has been ascertained, the lights are switched off again. All that is left in the darkened space is the memory of the unwitting passer-by. Media:/raspberry pi/arduino/motion sensor/camera module/thermal printer/servos/
Voyeurism 3.0; The sound of a crowd is part of a series of interactive installations focusing on the translation of collective behaviour in the public space. This behaviour is captured, classified, and displayed to both participants and viewers by means of algorithms. The work concentrates on the sound that you perceive when you find yourself in a crowd of people who are all speaking – when you do not focus on a single conversation, but simply listen to the sounds surrounding you. This is the place where conversations lose their individual significance and melt into a single sound. Next, this sound is translated back into words. This process can be experienced live, so that whoever does not want to be a participant can be a viewer of the sound produced by this crowd. Media:/raspberry pi/microphone/online interface/intimate space/