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Bachelor Fine Art and Design in Education


Gwain van der Meulen


When I drive home in the evening, a feeling of calm envelops me. I enjoy driving at night. It puts me in a contemplative mood; my thoughts go around in circles, just as they do when you are washing up. Only when I get home do I understand that I am alone. It is then that I am not doing anything any more. I am overwhelmed by a wave of loneliness; I remain safely in my car, so that I don't need to be home alone So, I am still sort of on the road and not home alone yet.

I am afraid of this loneliness, of being alone, and not knowing when this will change. This loneliness that draws you into the abyss and never lets you go. This work reflects my fear and my loneliness. The images and the songs convey my fear and the heavy, anxious feeling that creeps up on me when I am alone. The images and the sounds hypnotize you so that you are drawn into my phobia for loneliness.

Autophobia Make sure you turn on the sound – that's the most important thing! Get out your best headphones.

Education in visual literacy is a hot topic nowadays, and this certainly also applies to the Netherlands. However, as visual literacy is not currently taught in a verifiable manner, I am conducting a study into the video essay as an educational tool in secondary education. I am making use of Constructionism, Learning by Doing, and Learning by Teaching, and am also conducting an experiment that allows me to experience the video essay as a learning resource first-hand.