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Bachelor Fine Art and Design in Education


Denise Verkooijen

The Crowd

Original canvas
Original canvas

The Crowd has evolved from hand-made discs with which I perform one action; I'll make a print with it. The action I perform keeps repeating, creating a pattern from one shape. The pattern turns in to a metaphor for a crowd, or 'The Crowd'.

''Although the stamps are all the same in the first respect, they are all different.
They're identical. They have their own identity.

They are a metaphor for humanity; Every person has common ground or similarities with another human being, yet everyone is different.

All identities together form a crowd; the prints are a metaphor for a crowd.''

How 'The Crowd' feels
Timelapse 'action'

How can you transfer theoretical aspects of art education - and within it art history as a specific interpretation of theory - to preschoolers?