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Bachelor Visuele Communicatie


Lok-Yin Lau

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Deze fotoserie gaat over mijn veilige omgeving waarin ik mezelf kan zijn. Mijn ouders komen allebei uit Hong Kong, maar ik ben geboren in Nederland. Ik word vaak niet gezien als Nederlander en dat doet me pijn. Al mijn hele leven lang probeerde ik ergens bij te horen en me daar thuis te voelen, maar ik besef nu dat zoiets nooit gaat lukken en dat ik dat ook niet meer wil. Met deze foto’s stel ik mezelf bloot en nodig ik jullie uit in mijn veilige bubbel: de plek waar ik mezelf kan zijn en waar ik me thuis voel.

The Netherlands is a country with different cultures, but does everyone feel at home? I have experienced a number of things in my life that made me feel unwanted and uncomfortable and I never knew how to express that feeling to other people. My research question is “Do Chinese Dutch people feel at home in the Netherlands”, because I have been wondering if other Chinese Dutch people have experienced a similar feeling.

I would like to provide a stage for other people who struggle with the same problems. For me it is important to know what my origin is, but also to be a part of the country where I grew up in.

These are questions that I had no answer to. With this research I try to find others who have experienced the same things or have experienced something entirely different.

With just a few words, you can change a person's life without even being aware of it. I don’t want to just show the negative side of the story, but also the positive side. There are many positive aspects to growing up with two different cultures. To answer this question, I tried to translate the thoughts of others into a photographic series according to my own interpretation.